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Style Settings and Templates

In order to maintain a simple design, Lattics cancels the traditional style setting toolbar at the top of the editor, and puts the frequently used style settings in the right-click menu. After selecting a piece of text, click the right mouse button to display the style menu.

In the style menu, you can adjust the font, font size, font color, highlight color, bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, alignment, line spacing, indentation, and superscript and subscript.

If you want the style settings menu to pop up immediately after selecting the text, you can enable the automatic popup style menu option in the editor preferences of the settings.

Tips: If you have a set of commonly used and preferred style settings, you can customize a whole set of style templates.

In the style template setting, you can make very fine style settings for all block elements, including text, headings, lists, references, etc., such as text indentation, line spacing, paragraph spacing, colors, shapes and borders. The style template can meet most of the personalized style needs.

After setting the style template, you can also set its application scope, which can be applied to the current article or project. When applied to the current project, all articles under the project will display in this style template. The style template can also be saved and set as the default template, and all new articles will use it as the style by default.