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Flashcard is provided for users who need to review for exams or enhance their memory of certain knowledge.

Flashcard is actually a special way of displaying articles and cards. When a project or tag is selected for review, the flashcards will automatically display the content under the project outline or tag list.

There are three ways to browse the flashcards: sequential, reverse and random, which can be switched at will.

There are three types flashcards:

  1. Q & A:

    By default, articles and cards will be presented in the form of questions and answers. The front of the flashcard displays their title, which serves as the stem of the question. Click the "Show Answers" button and the flashcard will flip to the back to display the full content of the article.

  2. Fill in the blanks:

    When you highlight some certain content of articles, the flashcard will display it as a fill-in-the-blank question, and the highlighted part will be left blank. When the mouse is moved over the blant, the content will be displayed. When you click the "Show Answers" button, all the blank content will be displayed at once.

  3. Multiple choice:

    If there are list items and the correct options are marked with a highlighted color, the flashcard will display the content as a multiple-choice question. You can use the mouse to click to check the correct answer. When all the choices are correct, the correct answer will be automatically determined. You can click "Show Answers" to view the correct answers.

Note: If want to achieve the best effect, there should be only one question per flashcard.


In order to help everyone better enhance memory and assist learning, Lattics also provides the Ebbinghaus feature. After turning on this function, Lattics will automatically record the reviewed flashcards and automatically follow the Ebbinghaus memory curve to calculate its next display time, when it will be automatically inserted into the review process.

In addition, Lattics also provides a statistical function for flashcard. You can check the number of flashcards reviewed every day in the past 30 days and the latest reviewed items at any time.