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6 Comments, Footnotes, Revisions and Historical Versions

In the writing process, it is often necessary to repeatedly review and revise the text. For papers and non-fiction works, footnotes are often needed. Lattics provides several functions to support these steps:


    In the text, select a certain part, and you can add comments in the right-click menu. The added comments will be listed in the space on the right side of the article, which is convenient to view, modify, and delete at any time. Move the mouse over the comments, the text in the corresponding text will be highlighted.

  2. Footnotes

    Footnotes can be added to the text using the [^ syntax or the / menu. The added footnote also exists as a card, and its content can be modified at any time without affecting the text, and the footnote can also be reused.

  3. Revisions

    After enabling the revision mode, you can see the traces of revisions on the text, so as to improve and refine the content, and it is also convenient for multiple people to create together.

  4. Historical Versions

    For some very important articles, it may be revised repeatedly and rolled back to a previous revised version. Therefore, the historical version of the revision of the article is very important.

Revisions and historical versions will be available in the future, stay tuned...