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3 Content Planning and Notes

Before you can actually start writing, you may also need to do some plot and narrative design for the content, and Lattics provides several tools for this:

  1. Plot View

    Plot View is great for draft content. It can be used to plan the plot that needs to be written in each chapter, the focus of the writing, the overall logic of the narrative and the process of the story, and make necessary adjustments and revisions.

  2. Memo

    There are memo in the extension info interface. You can use it to record some writing points as a memo. Since the edited content in the plot view is exactly the content of the memo, you can also open it at any time to view the points of the story when writing a chapter.

  3. Whiteboard

    When conceiving fictional novels, it is also necessary to design and review characters, relationships, important events, key items, numerical settings, etc. in advance. These contents will be supported in the whiteboard interface provided in the future, so stay tuned...