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1 Collect inspirations, piece of informations and import notes

Creation comes from inspiration, and Lattics provides some ways to create and record inspiration:

  1. Cards

    Cards can be used to keep track of all kinds of inspiration at any time. Since it does not belong to a certain project or folder, it can be taken without the constraints of form and existing structure. To organize the cards in the future, you can directly mark the tags in the text to classification.

  2. Mind Map

    Mind map is a great tool for brainstorming. When trying to explore a certain type of problem or direction, you can use the mind map to think divergently, and display various ideas intuitively, inspire and combine each other, and generate better ideas.

  3. Web Clipping and Collection

    When browsing the web or searching for some information, you will find good content and hope to save it for reading and complete the knowledge library. You can quickly select the content of the webpage and paste it into the article or card. You can also save the link directly, and Lattics will automatically parse the title, abstract and keywords of the URL as tags. The video can be played online.

  4. Import Notes

    Lattics can import content from other note-taking, writing, and reading applications, such as Markdown, TXT, Obsidian, Ulysses, Apple Notes, Kindle, etc. Imported content will be used as cards by default.