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8 Export and Share Your Works

Lattics provides a variety of export and share functions:

  1. Export as PDF and Doc files

    Both individual articles and entire projects can be exported as PDF and Doc. When exporting, you can also set the page number style, whether to export footnotes, headers and footers.

    When exporting a project, you can also choose to automatically generate the document table of contents, as well as the title of each article.

  2. Export as PNG image

    Lattics supports exporting articles and projects as images suitable for mobile device and computers.

  3. Export to Markdown and TXT files

Sometimes, you may need to migrate the content to other note-taking tool, you can export the data as Markdown or TXT file. These methods may lose some styles, and advanced functions, such as card reference, multi-column graphics and text, and so on.

  1. Export as Lattics project file

    In the future, Lattics will provide the overall package of articles, files, cards, pictures, graphs and other data in the project into a project file. This file can be sent to others. After opening it with Lattics, it can still maintain the same project outline, card reference, Mind maps, aerial views, etc. When exporting as a project file, you can set an encrypted password, and only the encrypted password can be opened for browsing. This feature will be available in the future.

  2. Slideshow

    After the slideshow function is turned on, the content written by Lattics can be directly used for offline speeches and online course introductions. It also will be available in the future.

  3. Share online links

    Lattics will provide a sharing link that requires authorization to facilitate online multi-person collaboration.