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Manage Hierarchical Contents

The hierarchical structure is common in organize the content such as folders and files. You can manage them by hierarchy or tree structure.

Lattics support 3 ways to organize contents and they are all come in handy:

  1. Project Outline

    Every project has an outline to manage the articles from the top down in hierarchical structure. The project outline supports the unlimited hierarchy, which means you can create 4, 5 or even more levels outline. It will be helpful for manage the complex project.

    To adjust the width of project outline, hover your mouse to the line between the outline and the editor, it will turn into the left and right arrow. You can drag the line to adjust the width of outline window.

    Note: Drag one or more text and place them into any place or level of the outline.

    Shortcut: To indent or upgrade a text in different level, select it and type Tab/Shift + Tab when the text has been highlighted.

  2. Mind Map

    The Mind Map belongs to the graph and it is similar to project outline, but shows in a different way. The Mind Map displays the hierarchical relationship between the articles from left to right, which is easier to adjust the position of the articles in the hierarchy.

    The nodes on the Mind Map can be dragged and moved. When the A node is moved to the right of the B node, a purple line will appear on the right side of the B . At this time, if the A node is released, the A will become the child node of B. Right-click on the node of the mind map, you can edit the text of the node, set the color, add a tag, and delete the node.

    Note: The node positions of the mind map are synchronized in same time with the node positions in the project outline.

    Shortcuts: Click the node and type Ctrl + E / Cmd + E to edit the text of the node when it has been highlighted.

  3. Multi-project structure

    When there are more and more projects, the projects can be managed hierarchically. It is the same as in the project outline. You can move the project and change its position or level. Type Tab to indent the project and Shift + Tab to counter indent.