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4 Arrange and Manage writing Schedule

Writing an article of two or three thousand words can be done in half a day, while if you want to write a paper, a non-fiction book, or a novel, it may take months or even years, so you need to manage the progress of your writing.

To this end, Lattics will provide some convenient functions:

  1. Goal Setting

    Writing goals can be set for projects and articles, such as the total number of words written, deadlines; it can also be set to reach the average number of words written per day within a certain period of time.

  2. Check the progress

    You can check the progress of projects and articles that have set goals, intuitively understand the gap from the goal, and set the daily word count expected to reach the goal.

  3. Statistics

    You can count the total number of words written every day, week and month, and the number of completed and unfinished chapters.

These functions will be gradually introduced in the future, so stay tuned...